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march 24 Kerr lake NOT GOOD

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Well I got a big fat goose egg yesterday at my tournament. I drew a bad boater and got screwed. I found fish twice cranking in about 8' of water and both times he just left instead of backing off and both of us catching fish. I had 3 fish on by 8 and I know that bigger ones were there, but thats the chance that you take being a co-angler. There was alot of fish weighed in this tournament just not by me. Most of the fish were caught in 8' of water cranking or slow rolling 3/4-1 oz. spinnerbaits. I bet you cant guess what my next mold purchase will be! Oh well hope that you all had a great weekend. My next one is not till May on the Potomac so I am off for a while.
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Better luck next time. And hopefully next time you will draw a better boater.
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