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March 19, 2010

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Bass fishing is good. The sun has been out in full force this week, warming up the water to the mid 50's by the late afternoon hours. Tournament fishermen are hitting the water hard now looking for those bigger Bass that are just now starting to move up. Active Bass like to strike active baits, so a little faster presentation seems to be the key. Minnow Raps, Bandit crank baits and Sebile Swimmers are all great active baits to use. The main lake points, especially those near spawning areas, are turning on really good right now. Stay on the wind blown side of the lake while fishing. Crank baits like a small Bandit and Rapala jerk baits are two baits you will need to have plenty of this week. The water up in the rivers will have a little color to it so take along a variety of colors in both. The spot are beginning to get active. Use the small DT6's and the new X-Raps and pearl is a great seller at all tackle shops this year already.
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