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My son and I fished the FOM tournament Saturday. We went down Friday morning as soon as he got off work. I tried some new places so I 'd have a backup for my regular holes. Didn't do much good, only managed one small keeper. My son only fished a few minutes and the slept the rest of the day in the boat. Saturday we headed to our favorite hole. My son had two in the boat in about 20 minutes. One was over 6 lbs, we had just over 9 total for the two fish. We didn't have anothe bite all day. Went to the spot I caught 2 last Saturday and nada. Not sure how we finished, my son had to be at work at 6. One team weighed in over 27 lbs. I believe these are the same guys that hold the FOM Low Country record. Weather waqs much nicer Saturday, not as much wind. Water was pretty stained in most places and owna degree or two from last week. The lake was about as high as I have ever seen it.
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