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Make it squeak

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Guys, I learned my lesson today about using a buzzbait straight out of the box. A buddy and I both had the exact same buzzbait. The only difference was that his was a few days older, had been sanded, and soaked in saltwater overnight. The squeak it had was obscene, and he soundly whipped me this weekend with it. We caught and released 47 fish Saturday. While I accounted for almost half, he caught 5 over 5lbs with an 8 1/2 toad setting the standard. All of his fish came off this same lure, while I couldn't get a buzzbait bite. Anyways, my lures are soaking in hot salt water and have already been sanded. It won't happen again!!!
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How exactly are you sanding them? and how long do you soak em in hot water? Ive never heard of this doing this but am very interested cuz I have been wooped by buzzbaits that were much noisier that what I had and was throwing.

Tie a new one to a radio antenna on the truck, let it spin to break in. Use pliers to flatten the blade shaft a little to make it squeal more. Don't forget to drill some holes through the blades to make extra bubbles. Bend the blade tips steeper so they spit more water. You can remove a blade from the shaft and file a flat side down it so it's not perfectly round and add a new squeal. Jim
Question, How do you tune a terminater buzzbait? Seems the thing that makes them so attractive also hinders thier preformance. I got one that runs crooked and can't bend it to make it run right. Drew
I had a Terminator that wasn't aimed right, but that titanium just doesn't take a bend easily. I clamped battery cables to each end of the bent section then attached to my truck starting battery. When it got about orange hot it was bendable. Be sure to use a couple of pliers to handle it. Jim
Imonit, never even thought about the heet treatment. altho I'm used to it now probably won't mess with it.
Won't salt water diminish the metal on the bait?
I am soaking it for 24 hours. I don't really know if this is long enough. It will be trial and error til I get it right. The sandpaper is 100 grit, and yes the saltwater is eventually going to ruin the shaft. I have heard you can get about a year out of em' once you do this.
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