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Thank you Jared for posting this article;
When you read this article try to keep in mind the era it was written was over 22 years ago. Ask yourself would you be a better bass fisherman if you knew the information on how bass relate to structure or any of the presentation techniques and had used them over the past years? My guess is most of you would have benefited and became better bass fisherman.
That is my goal, to share information that isn't available anywhere else, so you can become better bass fishermen and women now and not wait until it's old news.
Most of what I do is targeting big bass and a big bass are the same everywhere. Maybe not world record contenders, but your personal best bass is just as important to you. Once your learn about big bass, all bass become easier to catch, regardless where you live and fish.
ps; I will post a picture of some recent bass as soon as I learn how to do it.
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