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What is the Lure Tamer?

It is a tool designed to help control lures and protect fishing rods. It is made by precision injection molding of polypropylene plastic. Each one is hand assembled, UV and chemical resistant and will last for many seasons. Made transparent so you know exactly what rig you are picking up.

The fastest and easiest to use lure guard ever created! By being able to open and close LURE TAMER with just one hand, you are free to control boat, handle rod and maintain awareness of what's going on around you.

To Use: Squeeze behind the clasp until lid opens, insert lure and make sure line is in groove on top, close lid and press until
you hear a snap. Now, just attach to rod.
It's that easy!


Each Set Includes:
(2) 4 inch Guards (2) 5 inch Guards
(1) 6 inch Guard
PLUS (2) Spare Hooks

Accident prevention
Do your kids want to fish just like you?
Are your cats and dogs a little curious
about the smells and interested in the way
the hooks jiggle? - If you can answer yes to either question, then you need Lure Tamer.
It only takes a second to use.
Isn't your family worth it?

Equipment Protection
In graphite rods with smooth, lost-casting high speed reels,. Today's quality fishing gear doesn't come cheap. - Scratched rods and reels, kinked and tangled lines, chipped epoxy, bent, broken or popped out guide inserts are all caused by fishing lures that are not in use. Until you win the Lottery or the Classic, use LURE TAMER to help keep your equipment in pristine working condition!

When using Lure Tamer on guard, snags to furniture, clothing, car and boat upholstery and yourself are eliminated. It will also prevent tangles to pre-rigged rods will traveling,
storing or fishing

Total Satisfaction
We are so sure that you will like our LURE TAMER that we offer a complete money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not satisfied, just ship them back to us for a full refund No Questions Asked!

Always on the go and would like to fish that lake or river you pass by? With LURE TAMER you can! Take a large size box, place in it a few extra lures and attach to rod. Place behind car seat or in the trunk. Now you are ready for action anywhere, anytime!

The Lure Tamer Arrived and it took less then 25 seconds to snap the hooks into the base of each one.

A squeeze on the base of the Lure Tamer pops the top open very easily.
I like the transparency of these, there is just enough that other anglers, a few feet away will not see what is on your line (if you fish tournaments you will like this idea)

Yet there is just enough that you can see what lure you have inside.
The Lure Tamer is small enough to go under your rod socks as well if you use them.

As stated above these are also great for protecting your lures from children and pets, also some of the baits on the Market today are not cheap and to have them protected while out fishing is a must.

They slide on easily over a bait caster or a spinning reel.


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