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Lucky fella

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crud. Im gonna have to wait till I get home. my employer has that site filtered out and i cant reach it :(
Lucky indeed!

BTW, the last 8 letters in Bassholes gets this site blocked at work. :mad:

Ouachita said:
BTW, the last 8 letters in Bassholes gets this site blocked at work.  :mad:
I know what ya mean... there are some forums I have run across that will censor it out when trying to put the address in my signature. Its aggravating as heck! I never saw that coming when I purchased the domain. I think Im going to eventually have to buy a couple more domains that wont be censored and have them all point here.. OR... change this sites domain.. which Id rather not do unless its totally necessary.
Wow! That guy definitely lucked out! I was uncomfortable even watching it LOL
I was looking for Robert Shaw ( From JAWS ) ;D
i hate to say it.. and im probably a "basshole" for saying so

but doesnt it look like he's wearing a bra when he gets back on the deck???

how lucky is that... all over the internet lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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