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I've looked in hundreds of tackleboxes while working on the launch ramps, picking out go-tos for visitors not accustomed to Lake Ouachita, and might have seen a total of a dozen LCs. So here that's still one most bass have probably never seen. That makes even older LCs a new look for bass, and that alone makes it a good choice. I fish a half dozen models, mostly Sammys, one live pointer, and have done well with them. The Sammy is much easier to walk-the-dog with and sometimes bass like its swagger better than a Spook. I suspect I'd catch more bass if I switched 100% to those, but catching more isn't a goal. All I need are 2-3 two pounders to take home.

Switching would cost a bundle, and at the rate I lose crankbaits my fishing would get pretty expensive. I don't mind breaking off a few $3 lures a day. But if my living depended on high points I'd give LCs a serious try. To get the most out of them practice in a swimming pool to learn exactly what each lure wants from you. They are peculiar compared to other lures, and to me they come with hooks too small for my liking, so I replace them unless larger hooks mess them up.

Pitted against an experienced angler using his proven confidence lures you could still fall behind using LCs if you are not really familiar with them. That's just it with those. Folks might spring for a few them guard them too closely, never fishing them where they need to go. In that case they will never get the experience needed, and those will never become confidence lures.

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