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Lowrance X29 ( need some info on what im seeing )

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With the boat I bought it has a Lowrance X29 sonar unit ( fish finder )

I dont have a clue as to what it is showing me ???

I guess i'd like to know what grass,and a stump looks like on it ? ( right now it looks like an EKG monitor to me :D )
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Here's a listing of all of Lowrances manuals. I dont see the X29 but maybe you can find something similar... They show an X28.
Jim posted this, which is great ( got it saved to my desk top )

I also downloaded an emulator , but right now all of it might as well be in Greek. lol

I still dont know what grass or a stump looks like on it though.
Read and reread and you'll just keep on learning. after watching the bassmasters on table rock I went and messed with my set up to see if I could see my bait and weight on my screen guess what I could and never even dreamed you could do this. It definately takes some getting used to and I don't care for it all that much. I did get out my owners mannual and reread it again seems i'm a slow learner. good luck, Drew
It would help to know how your x29 is set up. Is it new or has someone before you changed settings. Do you fish deep or shallow most of the time.
Hmmm, good question(s) I do not have a clue as how it is or was set-up.( it was on the boat and the guy I bought it from used it ) As for me, I havent played with it at all. Just turned it on and seen the water depths and lines reminding me of an EKG machine ( heart monitor ) lol.

I do fish shallow mainly ( probably under 10 feet ). I doubt any of the places I go is 20 feet deep ( max )
Where is your transducer located? Are you running more than on depth finder? trying to figure out if the ekg is interference or just needsome adjusting.
I think the unit is fine, its just me Not understanding what I am seeing.
I am sure it is just gonna take me some on-water time to get it figured out.
It's an old unit, low resolution, needing to be replaced. If it's working properly and sensitivity isn't set too high the screen shouldn't have lines cluttering across it. If it does that with the outboard off, the head unit or transducer is probably defective. You should mostly see open water, some specks indicating debris or fish, and bottom with structure down to about 150 feet, or bottom only down to about 400 feet. Open the MENU and look for a "factory Reset". I'm not familiar with that unbit, so can't be specific. A reset will put the unit back to recommended settings for average water conditions.

You bet, time on the water is simply required to learn to use sonar. If you can find clear water and see a stump, position the transducer over it to learn what a stump looks like on screen. Study how weeds appear. A light-contrast bottom is hard rock, while a dark bottom is mud. Check out the links I posted some time ago. They will help you a lot. Jim
I will try that Jim,( factory reset ) thanks

Well , might be a while before i can. Read my Friday the 13th post and you will see why.
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