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Lowrance 520C setup / illustration

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tfyoung1 (old school) told me to post on here and request a setup and illustration for a 520C. I plan on putting a 520C on the front of my boat and console. I am using a 16.5 foot crestliner angler boat if that helps
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I think my real question is now that I have ordered two 520c units from I am hoping I got the right tranducers. I got a transom and bow transducer I believe. My second question is where is the prime spot to put the GPS receiver?

also whats the benefit of linking them together?
Actually im all set now I think. The manual on the lowrance site is extremly in depth and gives me a chance to look things over while the units are being shipped. Everyone has been helpful
Hey guys long time no chat. Well I upgraded my boat to a new 2006 nitro 482 with a 115 merc optimax. It came with a x96 unit in the dash and I am going to put my 520c in the dash instead. My question is now how similar is the wiring and will I have to re-run everything? I assume the transducers are way different. i almost think my x96 is internally mounted.

thoughts on the best solution? I will be putting the x96 up front.
After reading all this I think I will have my dealer install the units. Most likely I will just get a new transducer for the trolling motor on the x96 and leave the through hull installed as it is since I won't be needing it. Is there any issue with leaving the through hull transducer installed but not plugged in?
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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