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Lowrance 520C setup / illustration

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tfyoung1 (old school) told me to post on here and request a setup and illustration for a 520C. I plan on putting a 520C on the front of my boat and console. I am using a 16.5 foot crestliner angler boat if that helps
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I was suggesting that he might want to go with a X-102c for the front unit with a temperature probe bracket in lieu of 2 XMS-520c's to save some money. Having 2 units is an advantage to be able to have a back up unit if something does go wrong. I don't use the front GPS much when on the trolling motor, however I know Jim does. I use the console GPS for getting close to outside structure and stay on it with the sonar, however I have been doing this for a lot of years and tend to rely on old habits. I do use the GPS to relocate onto outside structure if wind moves me too far off while retying or landing a bass.
Ps; I would love to have the new Motorguide with GPS anchor feature to keep me on a spot when off the trolling motor and fooling around doing something in the boat.
I suggest you mount the new unit on a RAM mount to the right side of your consul, in lieu of dash mounting. Several reasons for this, the most import is placement for the best viewing. It's hard to look between the steering wheel and try to read the unit, depending on where you site verses the sun glare etc.
The second and maybe the most important is trailering and boat storage with the unit mounted in the dash.
Your unit will come with a skimmer mount transducer with an internal temperature probe. You must use the newer transducers, through hull or skimmer, with blue and red connectors. You should also locate the GPS antenna near the transducer location for accurate way points and remember the way points are at the rear of the boat for consul mounted units. You will need to patch the hole with a piece of 4" X 6" black piece of plexiglas or something similar.
Lowrance makes a adapter cord for the old to new power cable, the transducer cable will need to be rerun and the GPS cable will be needed. You will need a trolling motor transducer for the X-96 unit, mounting bracket for the bow and a power cable with connector the same color as the one under the dash. Power should be there some place in the bow to connect to, make sure it's fused properly.
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My suggestion is to have a good bass boat dealer in your area install the units or have someone who knows how to help you, if you are not good at this type of installation. It's not that difficult to do, however it can be difficult if you don't know what you are doing. Jim suggested using the old through hull transducer and that is a good idea, however it requires breaking the epoxy bond without damaging the transducer or cable, if it's through hull mounted. This can be done but you need to know how to do it. Installing the new transducer, you will lose the temperature readout if you through hull mount the new unit and will need to add an independent temperature probe to the transom and rewire the plug to the head unit. The 520c is a good product and you should have it installed properly.
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