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Man I love being able to chat on the site while at work! Ive never had a job where I could do that until this one. Yeeee hawww lol Im not gonna do tooo much of it until I have been here a little longer but once I settle in... man Im gonna fill these boards up nightly lol
Now its only too bad I cant get my webdesign software and ftp access to the site so i can work on the site while I was here too. That would rock lol


P.S I plan on bringing my pitchin/flippin stick here once I am on my own in this warehouse at night so I can practice. I cant wait lol
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Im guessing a security guard, Jared ? Hope no valuables are in there lol rofl
nope.. warehouse supervisor for a steel mill :) my job is to check inventory in and out to the maintenance crews as they need it and to keep an eye on the warehouses and make sure all material/equiptment checked out is done so properly so it doesnt throw off the inventory. I just started the job 2 days ago. So far so good. :)
Do you make them say ' PLEASE ' :D lol rofl
no.. i want my job lol
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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