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Well went out the last 2 days fishing from the bank at the local resivoir.The ultrivibe speed craw was stickin em good as usuall,and even got a few on the LC jerkbait.Most of these fish are small under a pound with a 2#er every once in a great while.there were several bass on beds chasing everything that came into thier area.The ODD thing was that there were bluegill on beds at the same time? I don't think i have ever seen bass and bluegill spawning within 30 feet of each other.I personally have never witness this, And it was all over the resivior, not just one spot.I wlalked completely around the res and witness this in several areas. There were beds in all 4 corners of the res with several inbetween.bass and bluegill go figure.
I took advantage of the spawners ( bluegill) and had an incredible supper tonight.I even kept one small bass that hit my bobber and swallowed the hook.didn't taste bad but just not on my to do list for supper.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
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