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My wife and sister in law are dragging me down to Hershey for a long weekend in August. I am trying to negotiate a day to myself for some fishing. Any one know of some good areas down near Hershey that I could do some fishing? I won't have a boat so it would need to be some places I can walk around and fish from shore.
I see Harrisburg is right there and so is a Bass Pro so I know that will be one stop I will make. Also the Susquehanna river is right there looks like a good area. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Currently, I live in CA but I grew up in the Hersey area. Memorial Lake is Okay...lots of panfish, smaller lmb, and moderately sized pike / musky, good access from shore. Swatara Creek is a good call for SMB and is wadeable. Susquehanna River is the best fishery in the area for bass. Good access it's entire length. I would fish the Dauphin Narrows above Fort Hunter Public Launch. Park along Front Street a couple of miles above the launch. River is really shallow in the area which you can wade. Be carefull of the currents and deep holes in the area. Good Luck.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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