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Hi guys,

I spend a couple of months a year in Blairsville / Murphy area (I am here for the whole month of June, and come up for a few weeks a year). I am a trout fisherman (but not only trout), mostly spinners and blade lures, and I've explored in the last 3 summers Vogel State park, Nottely river and Nottely lake bank fishing , Hiwassee dam, Toccoa around Deep Hole recreation (upstream and downstream of it), Unicoi Smith Creek. I caught trout (a 3 lb rainbow on Smith Creek ), bass, catfish, redhorse suckers, and perch.
I am 44, I work at University of South Florida, and an experienced and autonomous fisherman. I would explore more wild and remote areas, but I'm not fully comfortable doing that completely by myself. I would also love to do some live bait night shore fishing for striper and catfish at hiwassee dam. I would go on a boat with someone and share gas, ice, and beer. I don't truly care what I fish for, as long as there's a good time and good bites.
I can also drive 1 -2 hrs from Blairsville.
Let me know if there's anyone in the area interested in partnering up and exploring different areas.



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