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Looking for a Bass Club close to home,,,,,New home that is!!

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I have recently moved back to East Mississippi from Texas, (oh how I miss Fork!)
I now live in the Meridian Area, does anyone out there know of any BASS clubs close by??

And to All on this site, I have been around alot of internet sites on bass fishing, read alot of blogs, ,,,,,,,,,,BEST YET!

Must have something to do with the Members!!!!
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I am looking forward to fish west central area of bama, any ideas?? Since I'm extremely close to the state line, I hope to enjoy the waters in each state!
sound great on the logan trip, i have heard a few people around here talk about lake tusc only a hour or so from here. Alot of the locals like the rivers in east alabama, know anything about them??

and we'll definately do a spring time logan trip!!

bay springs is a couple of hours from me i think, below Newton?? Any nice Lakes in that area? I'm open to all suggestions, like a kid in a candy store, but can't find the candy LOL.

I have fished Tom Bailey Lake near Meridian and Eddin's Lake near Shabuta, now that's a trophy lake, Private with a ton of homes on it, but nice, Paul Elias lives there.

Kemper Lake, i have heard is good and a lake in Waynsboro I hear is good in this area, but wish i could find a club, if not, maybe it's time to start one!
Thanks RC and welcome to Bassholes, it's a gr8 site!!

Cya on the Water
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