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Looking for a Bass Club close to home,,,,,New home that is!!

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I have recently moved back to East Mississippi from Texas, (oh how I miss Fork!)
I now live in the Meridian Area, does anyone out there know of any BASS clubs close by??

And to All on this site, I have been around alot of internet sites on bass fishing, read alot of blogs, ,,,,,,,,,,BEST YET!

Must have something to do with the Members!!!!
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welcome back home the south. im not sure of any Miss. im from bama myself, i really enjoy this site ive only been a member for a day and this site to very good. Welcome and looking forward to seeing your posts.

if you can try lake tuscaloosa i have heard about that lake, if you are willing to travel try logan martin lake also. If you would like I would join you on Logan Martin. LOL any excuse to go fishing :)
i dont know to much about the rivers on the western side of the state, but a good place to ask people about is in tuscaloosa is called Woods n Water. Those guys there know their stuff.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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