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Lonestar Series on Sam Rayburn

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Fished the Bassmaster Series on Lake Sam Rayburn this past weekend. The weather was 99 degrees and no wind. Boy was it hot. Had 70 entries on both the boater and non boater sides. It was a rough day, half of the field blanked. I had 2 fish for 4lbs and came in 35th. My boater zeroed. The winning stringer was 15lb. 6oz. all caught on Kicker Fish Bait Co. Xploding toad in the floating model and in the color of white. Fished over the mats of hydrilla. As for my self caught my fish on a yellow majic top water around the mats. The 2nd fish came on Zoom u-tail in the junebug color. Next tournament is Oct. 1 again at Sam Rayburn

Chris Mudd (bassman)
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well Bill, yes its hot here. Its almost to hot to fish. have you been keeping up with the fighting going on at Conroe about the Hydrilla?
Thank you. Hope to do better next time. Its was just to hot. 102 plus heat index.
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