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lipless cranks

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Ok! Who told all the Virginia people about them dag gum red traps! hahaha I went to 4 stores today and not a single red xcalibur left! The last store I went to I went in there and asked if they sold lipless crank xcaliburs and he said and I bet you are looking for a red one too aren't ya? haha I missed em by 5 minutes! grrrrr I'll try again on Thursday before I leave for Florida. I did get a Cotton Cordell Tomato Red lipless one, but it just does not look like the quality of that xcalibur! Oh well at least I'll have something red with me.

David :fishing01:
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Good luck in finding one. I will keep my eyes open for ya.
Is it just solid red with no other design??
I bet you will pass at least 3 if not 4 BPS on the way - Baltimore, Charlotte, Savannah, Orlando - Good luck and have fun in Florida -
try brannan's bass shop, it's online, they have a huge store in powderly Texas., ships out immediately
You mean someone's been listening to me? ;) lol. That and I guess the CLASSIC haha.

David, 21 and 28 are the ones I have been catching them on here. Order them online. Order them online if you have time. What part of Florida are you going to? BTW, my avatar is color 28.

BIll Lewis red trap is fine and catches fish. If you get to fishing and it is bright sunny out switch to gold. Get the XCalibur Gold and Ghost colors. Which is color 07 and 18. Those are awesome also. Use the red if it is dark like lots of clouds or early in the morning. Switch off to the gold or ghost later in the day. Oh also, remove that tiny hook in the back and replace with a number 4 hook. You will lose less fish this way.

The rod that you use you will want to spool with braid. It is easier to fish them with braid and will help you to rip the bait loose out of the grass when you snag some.

Just some healthy tips for you.

Let me know if I can help you further.
REDTRAP you da man, just one clarification or thought if I may - I agree with the braided line especially in some of the Florida waters we fish. However we need to be careful if you are not using a soft action Rod and.or a lighter drag

You will rip that trap out Larry's mouth w/o even knowing you are doing it. Especially if you like to cross their eyes on the hookset. Traps and cranks are awesome on braid but you have to take a few precautions if you are use to fishing mono.

I would recommend braid on a good glass rod with a parabolic bend, looser drag and more of a sweep hookset verses a hard snap set.
Yah I have a medium heavy action rod and 50lb spiderwire braid. I will be in the Haines City and Winter Haven area most of the time, but may go explore that Tenoroc area in Lakeland. Thanks for the help! :thumbup01:

Oh Cotton Cordell lipless work like a champ in there also. Before I was using the XCalibur ones in red I was slaying them on Cotton Cordell's Super spot in Gold Shad.

Yes be carefull with the hooksets using braid. Also just the ripping the bait out of the grass as well. I have launched those 2 treble hook baits at me many a times haha. However, in such a grassy place using a glass rod would not work. Normally in a situation where you would be fishing say a grass line where the grass forms a wall or even a grassy area that follows the contour of the land down into deeper water leaving several feet above the grass. In those situations then a glass rod would be beneficial. Garcia, just doesn't have that scenario mostly. There are a few areas where the grass forms an edge next to deeper water and in that scenario a glass rod would be better. But in the flats you need a med heavy rod believe me. I have tried soft rods loose drag etc. It just doesn't allow you to keep the bait "clean" because you can't rip it out of the grass to keep it off the hooks. With a heavier rod you can. So it is sort of a specialized technique.

Last Sunday I realized why I lost so many fish. The fish that where on the flats where on nests and where not eating the bait but bumping it or trying to nip it to make it leave. I would then either snag them in the head or in the lip with just 1 hook not even the entire treble but just 1 point. I saw one that was hooked in the gil plate and came loose. The fish that where caught next to the grass edge where moving in to spawn and those fish ate the bait and I caught everyone of those. In hindsight I should have worked those flats next to the deeper water I was fishing with a senko type bait. I probably would have caught and landed some of those same fish.
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