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Late Season

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This year is a good example of why we use water temperature to determine the bass calendar in lieu of the month of the year. You will be hearing a lot of "the spawn is late this year" because it has been so cold. Bass can't tell what month it is, they only react to the water conditions and water temperature is the key factor.
The majority of bass fisherman will fish the banks looking for spawner's that are not there because the water temperature is still in the winter period or early pre-spawn. Please take a few minutes and read the calendar period posts and apply the information to improve your bass fishing success. Take the time to check the water temperature and survey the marina with your electronics before you put the hammer down. Good fishing!
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Glad to see ya back, Tom.

It's really irritating me to see practically everyone fishing the shoreline like it's summer. The water temp there is 44 on the south side, 46 on the north. Out in the open water around deep channels with humps it runs 47-49, and that's where the bass are. They motor up, want to see caught fish, then go right back to shallow. "Want to be there when the spawn starts." "SPOONS? I NEVER fish spoons." Sorry guys, I doubt March will catch it this year. "Global warming" seems to have chilled things way below normal :violin: I figure maybe mid to late April to see 62 degrees shallow in Arkansas.

A pretty big tournament today was pitiful. Most went home before weigh-in. Practically everyone fished the weedlines for zilch. All the knowledge available and they don't practice it! "I always fish shallow." OK. The bass are 23-25 feet down.....WAY out from shore with weedlines.

Thanks Jim it's good to be back and our weather here is starting to warm up and we have a good pre spawn bite going and I need to get on it! Bill fishing was great this year at Cabo, I'm getting too old to fool around with fish bigger than me!
It's hard for me to explain why bass fisherman refuse to believe there are bass outside in deep water during the colder water periods. Just posted a reply to "cold, cold, cold" and doubt if anyone but you will believe it, Oh well!
ps; the pros fishing the classic understand that the bass in Lay lake will be deeper and suspended around bait fish or located on deeper current breaklines.
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