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late fall where to go

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hello all I've been in Florida most of the summer and when i finally get home {Ohio} the weather is bad now I'm gonna get a chance on Monday to get the bass boat back out WWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOO. the question i have is should i head to the deeper lake without weeds or hit the shallower lake thats loaded with weeds. some dropoffs and a few points. I'm guessing that the water temp must be in the lower 50 to upper 40's.bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. what would u guys try ? on the brighter side i caught my 2 PB's while in Florida first one was a 7.3 two days later stuck a 7.6WOW i also got the pleasure to fish some of the south Florida canals a caught my first 4 peacock bass what a fight if i can find all the pictures I'll have the wife scan them in later. any help would be great. thanks
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There's way too much variety of fishery types to give you much help. I suggest studying the Ohio fishing reports.

Awesome! Id love to see the pix of your peacock bass! They are very cool fish! I once had one in an aquarium. He was cool to watch suck down goldfish hehe.

With temps like you have, I'd try the deeper water close to main lake points and the main lake channels close to those points also. Perhaps try rippin some big husky jerks in those areas. Maybe even get out your Little Georgies and do some vertical jiggin.
what a day
started out with my 2 year old son fishing at the local res. with not even a nibble mostly using rubber worms.the boy got grumpy so it was time to go. went home figured I'd clean out the boat and get ready for winter. NOT its almost 60 today just couldn't do it so i hooked it up to the van and went to clearfork. its only 15 min. from the house. stopped at my first spot went around the corner and there were probably 30 duck decoys scattered over the huge weed point i wanted to fish oh well. next two spots produced the same decoys with no bites. water temp is right at 45 degrees. started motor for one last thoughtfull try and i cant go forward , put it in reverse and i go just fine not it wont come out of reverse. I'm at the opposite end of the lake. glad i just upgraded my trolling motor it fell apart last make a long story short, i spent 2 1/2 hours with the 70lb trolling motor on high to get back. what a day. on the brighter side of it all i found some great looking off shore weedbed to hit next year. maybe tomorrow will be better going to go to lake Erie on the head boat and get another limit of those tasty yellow perch need to stock up since the ice be here soon and i am not liking it.
hope somebody got some god ones today.
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