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Last one to crash & burn

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I was the grand champion of my family for going the longest with out crashing and burning on the ice. That all ended early this morning as I went outside to warm up the vehicles. You know if the ground is covered in solid ice you probably shouldn't go out with nothing on but your boxers and a coat. That being said it is not a pretty site to see a half nude 300 pounder flopping on the ice. I think I hurt my best typing finger. You all be careful out there today. Later. Drew
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I can't help but laugh!! :rofl1: :rofl2:
That's too funny. It's also a visual I didn't need. LOL!!!!! :-[
Not the typing finger !!! lol
first let me say... I sincerely hope you are alright... now that I have done that...

:rofl1: omg been there, done that, know how you felt LOL Too funny!
That makes me feel cold just thinking about that ice, brrrrrr!
It feels so wrong to laugh.. but I have to! LOL
Man, I really feel for ya---but you still can't have my BUDLIGHT!!! Glad to hear it was just a finger that zapped. I found myself in the hospital for two days after banging my head from slippin' on that nasty crap. I am wishin' you a big thaw soon. In the meantime, can you send pictures of this event :rofl1: :rofl2: :rofl1:How come it is always funny when it happens to someone else but a real burner when it happens to you? There is no justice!!!
We are in the midst of a heat wave 42 today and 49 tommorow. I can at least see the cover on the boat now. Its the over night re-freeze that is so treacherous.
:rofl1: :rofl2: cant comment on ice...we aint got any in sunny south florida!!! Dave
See, I wish ya a heat wave and you get it : :D It's that Arkansas thing! I hope it continues and you get the thaw and that the bass get bigger than ever before. You have had one heck of a winter there and we just missed it by the skin of our teeth. My wife works for Entergy at ANO and I know Entergy sent a bunch of linemen your way. You can cuss 'em when you don"t have power, but those guys are freezing their arses off on those poles and lifts. Glad you're ok and I haven't forgotten our trade out trips!!! :fish: :fishing01: :cheers:
I haven't lost power but my bud in springfield was out for 11 days last I heard from him.
Been there done that when I lived in PA.

In my life time I have taken the dive more than once but a ice fall seems a lot more severe. Glad to hear you are OK.

Be careful out there we don't want anything to keep you off the water at first thaw.
Too bad, Imonen. You coulda lived here in the south where that stuff doesn't happen. :D But no, you decided to live where you couldn't fish year round, and so you had to pay. :blahblah: :rofl1: Glad your OK. Also glad I didn't have to watch "a half-nude 300 lber flopping on the ice".
Ouch Drew! Glad to hear you are ok. Out of all your fingers it had to be that one huh?
Did any of your family witness the great fall?
I've checked around seems no one witnessed the great event. I know if it would have been my neighbor instead of me I'd have died laughing after I new he was OK of course.
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