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Lake Shelbyville

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I'll be bass fishing at Lake Shelbyville with our club in mid to late April of this year.
Any special lures, colors, or patterns that have worked in the past? Any advice is appreciated.
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nobody loves shelbyville I would use a pink fluke :neener: :neener: :neener:
I have done very well at that lake on the upper end in the trees and fencerows using a black, blue tail lizard
hmmm guess I was a little late with that post, well if anyone fishes it in the future, try it
bigdaddytowe said:
nobody loves shelbyville I would use a pink fluke :neener: :neener: :neener:
:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
I'm new to this site. I live a few minutes away and a pink fluke sounds good I'll give it a try :thumbup01:

Actually a green vibrashock will get a few keepers in the boat in the spring

Hey now, don't sneeze the BUBBLEGUM flukes. I have used some in some murky water, and had bass nail them!

Welcome Steve! Great to see you already posting. :cheers:
Dang Steve you over here too :rofl1: :rofl1: Well eye fish this lake at least 3 weeks out of every year and am getting ready to head back down there the first 2 weeks of May. Going Crappie fishing mostly but will be doing a little Bass fishing also. Hey steve you got any free time let me know maybe we can hook up and you can show me how to Bass fish :rofl1: :rofl1:
I guess maybe old lipperrippers can learn new tricks!
Hey DB how you been. You going to have any free time the first of May if so come on over.
I got the fedration tourney on pool 13 the 1st weekend in may.
Eye will be down there from May the 2nd till May the 18th.
The federation tournament is the first week of June.
Lip we should be able to hook up. I have an FLW tournament on the 17th of May on Shelbyville.
I will probably camp at Eagle depending upon the weather.
Give me a call and see what we can work out. So FLW is having a tournament on the 17th of May on Shelbyville. Where ya'll putting in at and how many boats. Just so we will know which rame to stay away from on them days :grin:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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