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Lake Seminole Fishing Report

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One of my buddies sent this to me, thought ya'll would enjoy. With the warm weather, Seminole is really hot right now!

I fished Fri Sat and Sun, I was practicing on Fri for our club tournament, and fishing the TX on Sat and Sun. Sat was really good for me I caught a limit and was able to cull by 1:00. My big fish was 8.03 and I had 16.04 for my total weight. The big one was in 10ft of water. I got 3 on a Seminole Green Senko including the 8lber, and the others I pulled off of beds with a white tube. There were lots of buck bass on the beds getting ready for the ladies. I didn't see any big ones up yet but I did hear of some from the other guys fishing. Spring Creek is very muddy, and it is starting to muddy up the flats. I found fish on the beds on Fri that I couldn't see on Sat because it had muddied up so badly. I did make it over to the Flint and it is not bad just a little dirty. Today I was only able to catch 3 all were on the Senko and holding close to wood on the sand. Had a total weight today of 5.11 total tournament weight of 22.13 if my math is correct. There were some good fish taken out of the Hooch by other members. It seems that the fish are biting on that side of the lake as well.
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here's a pic of that 8.03 lb beauty!


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Never got to fish that lake. I almost moved to Pensacola and if I did I was going to try but alas I went to Jacksonville instead and now to Palm Bay. Oh well, that is one fine lake.
Well, it sounds like you just might have to plan a trip up here one day! The weather we are having right now is on the money for catching fish at Seminole! You ever decide to come up, let me know! We will meet up.
I am a college student and Im from Blountstown FL about an hour from Tally. I dont have a lot of fishing experience fishing Lake Seminole I was wondering which side of the lake would be best for me to put the boat in this weekend. I have been bass fishing seriously for sometime but I can not afford a bass boat until I gradute so I cant run around on the lake like everybody else.
What a beautiful fish! Thank you for sharing with us Matilda :)

We need to get your buddy and his fishin buddies on The Bassholes :)
I'm tryin Jared! Don't know why they haven't joined yet, I keep reminding them!!

Daniels - sent you a reply!

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