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Lake Seminole 3-24 & 3-27-07

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Update from my fishing buddies - what beautiful weather it is for fishing

March 27, 2007 Jim T
I spent a beautiful Tuesday on the lake with my buddy Bruce today. We fished a bunch of unproductive water from 2-15ft with a little bit of everything and could not get a bite. Around noon I decided it was time to sit down and break out the watermelon Senkos. I ended up catching five, unforunately Bruce never got a bite even though he was fishing the same bait, same rig I was. Anyway I caught my fish out on the Flint side of the flats with the boat sitting on 12ft fishing into shallow grass around 3-5ft with weightless Watermelon Senko on 14lb flourocarbon. Total around 12lbs +. Big fish was also the skinniest fish. The rest of them were stuffed full of shad. Pic of Jim's fish today

March 24, 2007 Ronnie
Found the bass in a protected area that had some extremely shallow water. If no one caught fish this weekend it's probably because you didn't fish shallow enough. We saw numerous bass (decent size bass) in water less than 1 foot deep. Many of the largest fish totally ignored our bait, and us. We caught 6 bass. I fished the front of the boat with fluorocarbon, my wife fished the back with braided 20# with trickworm and split shot.


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Super report, please thank Jim and Ronnie for us
Thanks for the report :)
I recognize Jim from another site I used to be a member of. :) Anyway, nice report folks.
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