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Lake Seminole 3-22-07

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Received this report from my fishing buddy today

The water is looking much better but the fish still seem a bit lock jawed from all the lures they've seen lately. We hit a lot of areas up and down the creek but it seemed to be one of those days where every time we made a move we'd catch one fish then nothing until we moved again. We ended up with seven fish...... one on a sb, three on traps, one on C-rig and two flipping. Best five today were guestimated at 11lbs. I'm pretty sure I won the weirdness award by catching three shad then one of those slippery silver toothy mouthed snakes on my LC pointer. Forgot the proper name for those things that resemble a needle fish but are bigger. Maybe I never knew to begin with but I've always called them snakes
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Gar? Looks like you had a good day. You didn't get skunked!
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