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Lake Poinsett 10/14/06

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We had a club tournament on the St. Johns River at Lake Poinsett Saturday, the weather went bad with that cold front blowing thru with 25-30 mph winds out of the North. Fishing was tough to say the least. I caught one fish in the first 20 minutes on a Zoom horny toad (Okeechobee Craw color) it weighed in at 2.45 lbs. to get me 6th place and wrap up the co-angler of the year title by .15 lb. and two points. Richard and I were only one point apart going into it, he finished in 7th with two fish weighing in at 2.30 lbs.
We were fishing in the lake trying to fish grass lines on the east shore. I threw into this cut back in the weeds and cranked it out thru the grass the fish came up and blew it clear out of the water, the bait was hanging over some grass with just the tips of the legs dangling in the water so I shook it for about 10-15 seconds and the fish came up and absolutely hammered it, I cranked it in and swung it in the boat before my partner had time to get the net. That was the only for sure bite I had all day except for a Gar that bit the legs off my toad in the afternoon. My partner caught one fish just under 2 lbs. on a worm down the river on a grass line near a current break. I think 4 1/2 lbs. won it as far as members, but one of our guest had 7 1/2 lbs., and not very many fish were weighed in.
Off to the big "O" Thursday morning for States, I'll try to post a report next week before I leave for Old Hickory Lake in TN for the Chevy Wildcard.
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Congrats on the co-angler AOY Shannon :goldcup:
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