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Lake Okeechobee rim canal

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Last week got on the water early well before dawn there was a south wind about 15mph so i figured that the major lock at J &S fish camp just might have a good topwater bite. WE started fishing about 10 till 7 and they were tearing the spook up! I was gettin the short strikers with a shad colored bleeding tube from strike king, even got one on a keith trap! After the bitedied moved down to the beds i found before the last tourney only a couple of small ones were on beds, so tried the ledge adjacent to the beds that are around 3-6 ft and drop off to 18 feet thats when something sickning happened, throw to a hump in 6 feet of water and this monster hits the Keith trap so i think this is a biggun! she starts peeling line like its cool when i realize oh crap i gotta loosin the drag or its gonna break off i drop the rod tip to disengage the reel to buy me a couple of seconds to loosen my drag she hits the ledge and broke off. Made me sick to my stomach ended up with three nice ones 3-5 and some dinks wasnt bad for 4 hours of fishin, sorry it took so long to post but i was busy licking my wounds, i think she weighed in the teens 13 possibly 14 see why it made me sick? Then i started feeling bad cause a bass that size know had two treble hooks in her but im hoping i didnt hook her good. Dave
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Man those really hurt when you lose a giant. I feel your pain. They can dislodge traps pretty easily. I know haha seen it too many times so let's hope she is able to spit it.

Where you using braid or mono when she hit the ledge? If it is sharp rocks braid would have failed quicker then mono.

I sure would rather be looking at a picture of you holding a monster bass instead of this post. But she is out there still and from what I have read won't roam too far from that spot. So keep at it and maybe someday you will get her again?
Ouch man! that sucks! I can feel your pain!

Although on the bright side, if she was over 10lbs, that trap pales in size in comparison to her mouth. Even if it is stuck on her for a little while she will still be able to eat. I caught a bass that was atleast 13 this past summer. She sucked my super fluke in. When I got her to the boat, she also had a shiner in her gullet that was about 10 inches long. I kid you not! I caught her as the lake was being drained so I assume she was stuffing herself hardcore assumng her world was coming to an end. Im glad to say on that day it did not and I slipped her back into the lake as quick as I could. :D But, Im pretty sure your lost bass will be ok even with the :redratltrap: in her mouth. She will eventually knock it free. Atleast I feel she will. :thumbup01:
Hey, Dave, at least you aren't the only one losing fish. ;) Something that big really sucks. I lost a 5+ lb fish on a rattltrap a couple of years ago, she jumped and threw it at me. No bull, I had to duck!
Get back up and go catch another! You found them find them again! Try this tip and tell me about it. Get some floating lizards in white or bubble gum rig them weightless Texas style on a 5o hook with an exaggerated bow in the belly, so it walks the dog. When you get bit and miss on the spook come back through with the lizard about a foot under the surface just where you can see it and see if that don't stop your heart. They will innahalate this thing its not for the faint of heart. I can't wait till it warms up enough here.
Hope you can get her again.
Jared, you caught a 13lb bass? Awesome. Got any pictures to share?
i was using mono Keith i tell you what im getting alot of fish on the red traps! Thanks for putting me on them! Dave
Sssshhh, that lure doesn't catch fish ;)
right... i mean why did you even waste your breath telling me about those stupid :cussin: red traps they suck!!! :dance01: :cool2: (was that better?) Dave
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