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Aquatic plants are probably the best form of fish habitat available.
Native aquatic plants provide a diverse assortment of spaces and shade that promote survival of young fish and ideal cover for adults.

The South Carolina and Georgia Department of Natural Resources are partnering with the South Carolina and Georgia BASS Federation Nations on a project to introduce native aquatic plants in Lake Hartwell. The first of several work days will begin on June 2nd. This is a great opportunity to have a long lasting, positive impact on the fish populations in Lake Hartwell.

Location: South Carolina DNR office on Lake Hartwell
Date: June 2, 2007
Time: 10 AM
Special Instructions: Please bring a lunch, shovel and a PFD Please RSVP to Team Leader Ron Koeppen (864-980-5587; [email protected]) if you can help.
Thank you for your interest in protecting and enhancing our fisheries resources!

Chris Horton
Conservation Director
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