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Well I am back home a day and a half early.

I have some good news and some bad news.....

1.) Good news is that my boat still runs good and I had no problem getting to Lake Fork. Thank God!!

2.) Bad news is that my boat can not handle Lake Fork. For one, the lake is too big to cover in my boat with my small motor. I was getting smoked up by other peoples trolling motors. LOL. No, really, I was. Then to top it off, the wind started to blow way to hard and for safety reasons I came on in.

So, that wasn't so bad and I could live with that. There were plenty of guys out there willing to let me fish with them. Besides, I had a pool table and a hot tub. Life couldn't get any better........and trust me it didn't.

I got a call from my daughters day school saying she is being taken to the hospital and I needed to get down there. She had been hit in the head with a rock by another kid. So I rush back to Longview only to find out..........

1.) Good news---My daughter is okay and in perfect health.

2.) Bad news is that the teacher notified the wrong parents. It wasn't our child being taken to the E.R. It was some other parents child.

By the way, that child turned out to be fine. Just a little cut on her head.

So all in all my vacation was :wack: :mad: :cussin: and not much of this :fishing01: :fishing02:

I have some pictures that I will share as soon as I can download them.

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OMG man what a nightmare! Id be having a long talk with that teacher for calling the wrong parents and givingthe wrong dad an unecessary heart attack! wow! So sorry you had to be put through that Bobby!

And yeah I know what ya mean about the little boat not handling big water. My boat is the same way. I almost died on Santee Cooper with my little boat lol Now I stick to the back waters in the creeks with it. Our boats are perfect for small lakes and ponds but bigger lakes, it gets too dangerous.

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Bobby, sorry to hear that man. But if you want to try again sometime let me know. There are tons of boat ramps on the lake that you can load up and drive to to help you navigate the lake without getting hammered. Jon Boats can easily fish the lake in heavy winds.

For instance:

E. Hwy 515 bridge has a boat ramp right next to Glade which is a major arm for spawning. It is also near to other creek arms that you can duck into to get out of the wind in.

Chaney creek has a boat ramp all the way in the back of it which is a RV park. It costs I think $3 to launch but puts you right in calm water. You can begin fishing instantly there. It is the arm at the S.W end of the lake next to the dam on the west side.

Besides there are quit a few places you can fish from the bank and catch good fish right now. A friend of a friend recently caught good numbers and size all from the bank. Up to 6lbers and several 4lbers too. Not giants but not bad either. Spring is here so fish are shallow and bank fishing is best this time of year.

Oh well, there is always next time. I am glad your daughter is ok and that other girl is ok as well. Maybe God had a reason to get you off the water this time?

Take care.

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I think if I could have controlled my boat better I would have caught plenty of fish. I really need a better trolling motor.

Keith, I don't think there was a calm place on that lake. A huge storm was coming in and Lake Fork was going to get hit hard for the next three days.

Some of the bigger boats were having trouble staying in position long enough to make a good cast due to the strong winds. Most of them started to get off of the lake when I did. LOL This is a trip that I will never forget.

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I know I have been there in heavy winds in the past. But if the wind comes out of the north then there are coves that block that north wind. Might not block the wind above the water colum and will still push you around but the waves will not be a factor which is a problem. Basically any cove that runs east and west will put you out of a north wind. There are plenty of those. That one in Chaney will put you out of harms way and allow yoiu to get some fishing in. May not be the best choice but it is a choice none the less.

But when in doubt it is always better to err on the side of caution then to risk danger or harm. Spring is a volitole time of the year with many storms and high winds. A friend of mine's dad used to say that is God's way of protecting the fish. BTW, he is from longview as well.

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I'm sorry about your trip but I'm happy it wasn't your daughter hit with the rock!

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hi steel basser said:
Glad to here everything turned out alright. :thumbup01: I fish big water all the time in my 14 footer, except windy days. I have found out the hard way that wind over 15mph is a guaranteed bad day in a little boat.

No kidding. My dad told me the same thing and I just had to be hard headed and find out for myself that he knew what he was talking about :sad2: :dunno:......but I won't let him know it. :neener: LOL
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