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Lake Dardanelle May Be Back!!!

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Good news from Lake Dardanelle. :dance01: Joey Fisher who writes about fishing in the local paper(The Courier) reported in his Sunday column that even with the influx of rain, the cold weather, sleet and snow, that some of the weights in local tourneys has been good. The winning weight for the ATU Fishing Club Open was a 5 limit weight of over 24 pounds and that second place had over 22 pounds. The winner of the monthly open tourney directed by Randy Whorton on Feb. 3rd weighed five bass at 22.29 pounds! This is good news for a lake that, as I have mentioned before, has fought its way back from the dreaded large mouth bass virus. From some of the catches I had last year and the results of these two early tournys, Dardanelle may have turned the corner and may be in for a very good year. Joey's outdoor column appears every Sunday and even though he is a part time writer for the paper, he's pretty knowledgable and has good info. For those how may be interested, the website for The Courier is :fishing01: :fishing02:
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Thanks OTTER! I like reading Joeys articles. I haven't got todays paper yet.
I'm still thinking about fishing the WBT when it comes to town but I haven't decided for sure.
Hope you do it. I am planning on hitting some of the Thurs. night tournys, and also the new opens they have just started. My deal is I am not into cold weather fishin' and am waiting for some warmer weather. I like to be at least semi-comfortable when I'm out there. :guzzle:
I would like to hit a few of those tourneys. Do you know anybody that needs a partner?
I hate fishing in the cold to. But, Spring is right around the corner!!!
If you are willing and don't mind fishin' with a guy who is just really getting into it more seriously after being out of fishin for a while, I would be glad to partner up! :D
Oh my gosh, I would love that :clap:. Maybe we could teach each other a little something. I know I need to learn a lot!!!
I have always wanted to fish the Thursday night tournaments. :dance01:
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