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Lake Butler Chain

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Over this past weekend, someone caught a bass that was almost 12 pounds in a tournament.

I was at Clermont Bait & Tackle yesterday and someone was saying that , so the owner ' Gordy ' called someone else to ask and he said the same thing.

I have no details of what was used or which lake it was in.

I know my last trip there ( last week ) I did find a few fish on the bed.
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Sweet. I hope they let that fish go....
Im sure they did, as this was a tournament.
It was the Junior State Championships and it was a 14 year old caught an 11.4 +/-.
He won the event with like 17 + lbs. My buddy was a boater for the kids and he said that the kid supposedly got yanked out of the boat by the fish, had to crawl back in to land the fish, they had like an hour debate if it was a legal fish because he left the boat, and they did rule it counted. He was bed fishing according to reports, his nearest competitor had only 8 lbs, and they where questioning how he found bed fish when the lakes have been off limits for a few weeks.
What a nice thing to teach a bunch of future fisherman. How to act like kids. I'm glad he got to land the toad he will never forget it. I guess you couldn't come accross a bed while out fishing, you have to put weeks in to find them.
This is why I get soured to tournaments. When someone does something really good the other people who didn't, suddenly grow a consciounce and start questioning the winner. The little tournament I used to fish here was like this. Some guy (Same guy who bitched about me coming in late) questions one other guy who wins allot of the tournaments that somehow he has fish cagged up out in the lake.

I can only imagine what they have said about me since I won money from them several times.
You know how it goes, it is only hearsay and one of those times to be a fly on the wall so to speak. Another part of the rumors is the father has been booted out of a club or two for his attitude, and last year tried to tell his kid's boater (one of the guys from our club) what he should do and where to go, he then filed a formal letter to BASS last year and nothing came of it.
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