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Kid Lizard lures to good home.

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I have 3 packs of Kid Lizard lures that I am willing to give to anyone that wants to use them, as long as they pay for the shipping to get the lures to them.

I have had them in my room for the last year, or so, as they did come from S&K Guide Service (may Jared and the forum Gods not smack me too hard for uttering such blasphemy!), and I have never used them. I have NEVER opened them.

They are a pack of black reaper tails, a pack of red shad lizards, and a pack of black with blue glitter jig trailers..........and all of them are packed with garlic scent...........hence the reason that I don't use them.

$5 should suffice for shipping, as I use 2 Day Priority with Delivery Confirmation, and any left over change will be sent back to the person wanting them.
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