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Just want to wish everyone a wonderful week-end, fixing to head west to

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Lake Seminole and sure hope I catch something to take a picture of!!

have a great one!!

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Good luck. I hope you come back with more pictures than you can post.
Looking forward to your report. Good luck.
I hope you have many pictures to post! Good luck!
Good luck
I hope youre having a great weekend Matilda! :D
Well, was just reading Jared's post about his fishing and the cold front. Left Ttown and it was absolutely beautiful out, the rain had stopped and the sun came out and it was hot! By the time I got to Seminole, the wind had picked up and the temp had really dropped. I was looking for a heavy coat in no time. All nite Friday and all day Saturday, was so cold and windy and white caps on the lake, was unreal! Needless to say, I didn't get to go fishing. Today was a much better day weather wise, but still didn't get to go. Some nice fish were caught yesterday in the Bass Pro Panhandle Tournament, the winner had 18+, nothing like what was caught last week though. The guys today said it was really rough to find fish, the winner of the ABA had 10+. Oh well, had a great time anyway and when I got home, I had my new shirt in the mail!! :dance01:
Hopefully the weather will get straightened out this week and next week-end will be better! Lookin forward to actually catching something in my new bassholes shirt!! :thumbup01:
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Now now matilda , you got to be like a mail-carrier ( postman )

Rain, sleet hail or snow wont keep you from FISHING !!!! :rofl1:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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