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Just Ordered Some YoZuri Hybrid

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Yep, yall convinced me to go on and try some. I got a 275yd spool of camo green 12lb test. With a break strength of 19+lbs I cant wait to see how this stuff does!
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You're going to like it, I hope anyway. Some of my favorite lines have been a curse for others sometimes. I lost another reel full of Yo-Zuri today on a striper using a regular bass reel and 8# line for breaking bass, so reached in to find more of the Yo-Zuri, but not enough left on the spool to bother with. I put on some 12# P-line and have to say it cast well too in that strength. I usually use much heavier fluorocarbon/copolymer for the heavy grass & wood obstructions here, and all of the heavier lines have been stiff and hard to manage except with the Yo-Zuri. 12# in any brand is risky where I fished today, the bare minimum strength usually reserved for open water breaking bass.

Im hoping the 19lb break strength and high abrasion and nick resistance will allow me to use the 12lb YoZuri on my soft jerkbait spinning rod.
I rigged 4 of my rods yesterday with the YO-ZURI HYBRID. 3 of them with the 12# clear. Then my spinning rod with the 6#clear.

First thing I noticed was it isnt ' stiff ' ( the p-line I had used was stiff )
Have you ever had a backlash, then stripped line back to rewind it tight, only to find it broken half way through the spool? I'd grab the loose line and haul the lure in before a fish decided to bite it. I've had that happen way too often with Vanish, V Transition, and P-Line. I think it's caused by kinks from occasional backlashes around the end of long casts, all happening within a few yards of each other.

In monos even BPS Extreme and Stren 12# and under did that. I've only used the Yo-Zuri Hybrid for 2 months so far with no problems whatever, and still using the first spoolings. THAT's unusual. I'd never use used line in a tournament, but I am just in a long standing habit of changing it once a month, finding physical problems to justify that. But not now, using that on several rods, and one rod with P-Line 12# until used up, braids from Spiderwire and Seaguar, and fluorescent night fishing 17#line from Stren (which is good line in that strength).

I really liked the "easy cast" limp lines that came on the market recently, so easy to make long casts, never spilling off the end of a spinning reel. But that stuff isn't strong and won't last a day around silted weeds or rock. I gave up and went back to braid, sometimes using a fluorocarbon leader. P-Line is less limp than Yo-Zuri for sure, but is fairly close 12# and under, but still noticeably springier. Lay each on a surface and note which stands up higher. Both are comparably priced.

Are yall using the ultra soft? I've read quite a bit about it on another website. ( :-*LCY ;D) I have been very satisfied with P-Line Flouroclear, but if there is something better out there, I wanna try it.
I recently bought Yo-Zuri hybrid also and have enjoyed using it thus far. Seems pretty supple and abrassion resitant. I like the low stretch factor of it and the clarity of the line.
Based on everyones recommendation, I was surfing looking for info on Yo-Zuri line and came accross this .....
X-TEX Cobra Camouflage Tournament Bass Line.

Has anyone used this line or have any feedback? Not much info out there on it.

Not to bash their brand but from my experience I had YoZuri Ultra Soft 6# on two of my spinning reels couple weeks ago. I used color Mist Green and tested it in clear water lake. Didn't like it at all after seeing it kinda glows like neon green underwater. Too stiff and springy for my liking so I stripped the half off and use it as backing for Seaguar Invizx. Fell in love with the fluoro Invizx! Worth the money IMO.
I love the stuff - I have used it on both casting and spinning rigs w/o issues. I like the clear but the green camo works just as well in most Florida water. I have used the 6 and 8 pound test both have about the same breaking strength rated at 11.9 and 12 respectively. I was looking to see if the line diamenter eventhough minute would make the difference in fooling a few more of those pressured Florida fish. To early to tell but both lines fished well. I did not experience the same issues reported by bassbandit.
I have been using P-Line Flouroclear for years now. I change it every couple of months, or before tournys, but everybody's looking for greener grass. ;)
i have been using yosri for two years on some of my reels and i sure do like it alot. i like braid but just can't seem to find one that is as good as cabela's ripcord
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