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just another newbie from missouri

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:coffee01: whats up guys just wanted to say hello from missraaaaaaaa :victory:. has any one got any good news on fishing :redratltrap: :fishing01:. I live in centrel missouri and we have been tearing the crappie up the bass are still a little slow , but getting better cant wait for spring to get full blown and put the bass to bed to speak. well everyone take care and God Bless :tbh_flag:
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Welcome to the board!! Where are you at in Mo.?
Welcome aboard
Welcome to the party!!! :cheers: Dave
i am from columbia but i travel all over the us working as a industrial union welder . Nice catch you and your partner have there.were are you fellas from ? well keep and tight and out of the trees lol :tbh_flag: and god bless
Hey mary dean nice pig you got there does your husband know you can fish that and if does I cant beleave hes not scared of the compation when you guys are on the water :lmao:
I got divorced because I fish better :lmao:. Just kidding. My ex is the one who got me into bass fishing. He is a very good angler now to and I wish he would take me out so I could show him everything I've learned since we split but his girlfriend wouldn't like that :rofl1:.
Welcome :dance01: Glad to have ya here :cheers:

that was a good one Mary :rofl1:
welcome aboard :fishing02: :fishing01:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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