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Just another New Face

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Hello, I live on the Eastern Shore, on the Del-Mar-Va Pennisula in Delaware....I love to fish, and try to do it at least 4 times a week...I do a lot of tournaments in the ABA, BFL, FLW and Golden Rule......

If any of you ever get toward Delaware, and hit the town of Bridgeville...stop and sit a spell--there will be an open seat for ya on the Toon........Take Care and God Bless
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Howdy Bubba, welcome to The Bassholes. :cheers:
Sounds like you have a pretty busy season fishing all those trails. I look forward to reading your posts and reports :)
Welcome aboard
Welcome to your new home!!

:victory: :cheers:​
Welcome Bubba, I guess you know the Sass., Elk, Susqie., and Still House pretty well huh? I used to fish them when I lived in MD.
Thank you Big Bubba for coming over to see us. Thank you for everything!
Welcome Big Bubba!

:) ;D 8)
Welcome BB. Glad to have ya a part of the best site in fishing :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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