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Johns Lake , 1-24-07

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A friend of mine ( Don ) called me up yesterday and asked if I wanted to go to Johns Lake for some afternoon fishing, so I said sure.

By the time everything is said and done we arrive there and start fishing by 1pm.

Don fishes this lake quite a bit and was showing me some places that produces for him and which lures and presentations he uses.

I start out useing a wacky rigged alluring senko in a grass patch and land one that may of went 4 inches !! The dern senko was bigger then he was :eek:

We jump to the spot I fished mainly in my last tournament, and Don lands one on the Carolina Rig. Then he lands another one in that area as well.

We then head north-west to a point and I get one on a fluke. Well almost got one I should say. He came unbuttoned at the boat :( Don got one on a fluke , then later got one on a rat l trap. Then broke off 2 on a fluke.

We then head south and I pick up another one on a wacky rig senko.

The weather was a bit chillier and overcast big-time ( I had jeans on! no shorts lol ). It also sprinkled on us some. Water temps was 65-66.
We fished until 6pm.
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Beats work! I'm surprised you guys had any bites at all with the front coming thru, maybe you beat it. Good job.
My boss mentioned us going out next week after work for a while to a local lake for bass. He has been going out on the Indian River for shrimp, redfsih and trout the last couple evenings and catching some real nice reds, 3 buckets of shrimp last night, and a big trout the night before on gold spoons.
Might have to look your boss up to get some shrimp, sure beats all the :spam02: I been eating lol
I hear that Rodney, Although I haven't received any shrimp either.
I have been having some good eats lately, a buddy of mine received a bunch of meat from his boss who was returning to Texas and didn't want to take it with him. We had roasted a wild boar piglet and an elk roast on the grill this week, talk about good stuff that just fell off the bone!
As the Campbell soup ad goes........ mmmmmm mmmmm good
must be rough, i tried to take out the boat the other day

had some trouble plowing through 2 feet of solid ice...
I can't even get my cover off my boat and its 50 today. This sucks bad. I guess I know what a crack head feels like.
I'll be thinking of you northern boys while I am fishing Saturday in 75 degree weather :) >:D
Keith, Be carefull with that hand made lure it would be awfull if you lost it. >:D :D
:rofl2: :rofl1:

That's funny. I will be watching you.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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