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John's Lake 1-16-07

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I have been pre-fishing Jonh's Lake ( between Oakland and Clermont on hwy 50 ) Seems a Carolina Rig is producing pretty good in about 6 feet of water. ( watermellon with red flake trick worm on a 30 in leader ) I fished for a few hours yesterday and caught 2. Biggest being 4.3 pounds.

We caught a couple on Saturday useing Alluring Senkos ( tex and wacky )

Now to find them Saturday, without someone beating me to my spot as I am the last boat out, of 14 boats.

Heres the 4.3 # off my phone camera.


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Nice! I'd take five of them any day.
Nice report. Good luck Saturday
Well Saturday stunk for me. Wind got to blowing pretty good from the north east. Then I discovered I had a bad cell in my trolling battery ( to late to replace it though ) So I would use my Big motor to move, then let the wind drift me .

I was able to pick up 2 small fish and I missed 2 . ( one on top water, the other on a carolina rig )
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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