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Jigs are one of the simplest lures in your tackle box and often over looked. Lead molded onto a hook, these days heavy metal cast onto a hook, simple and one of the oldest of all bass lures. Jigs can be fished several ways, the two most common today are flipping or pitching into tight shore line cover and casting to specific targets like docks, rocks, trees etc. I call the flipping/pitching vertical presentations and casting horizontal presentations. The "arkie" jig head with it's fiber hook guard is commonly used for vertical presentations and the "football" head for horizontal presentations today. The jig & worm round or dart head is making a comback under the shaky head jig name.
My favorite presentation is the horizontal jig technique because it suites the highland deep clear reservoirs that I fish a majority of the time. During the cold water and pre spawn periods the horizontal jig is my go to lure for big bass. Jigs can be fished year around and are great summer night lure. The most foregiving jig type to use and is a good choice to learn to use is the spider jig. This jig was invented the late Bobby Garland, who also invented the gitzit tube lure, combined his crappie mini tubes by slitting both tube ends into "spider legs" and used that as a skirt. adding a 4" curl tail grub onto a 1/4 to 1/2 oz wedge head, Bobby dominated the western Colorado river tournament circuit for several years. Bass tend to hold onto a soft plastic spider jig longer that a traditional jig & pig combonation.
I wrote a few articles for In-Fisherman back a few years ago, one is titled Horizontal Jigging" Feb 1995. It is easier for me to send a copy then try to recreate it here.
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I would love to read that article if u don't mind sending it to me
thanks and happy holidays to you
my e-mail is [email protected]
thank you
The best all-around jig head for soft plastics IMO is the spot remover jighead, made by buckeye lures. It is shaped like an upside-down mushroom head, with a piece of the lead used for a lure holder. I will try to find a website and post it here. It works extremely well on rock and wood, but is not good in grass. I use it for hula grubs and shaky heads almost exclusively.
The simple jig with a lead head and hook begs to be tinkered with and most bass fisherman like to add things to their lures. Jigs come in a wide variety of sizes, head shapes, weights, hook types, styles & sizes, skirt materials, colors, rattles, blades etc., that the options are unlimited. You can purchase jigs out of the box from several quality manufactures or buy supplies to make your own. One of my favorite suppliers of jig making components is Barlows Tackle in Texas, the offer everything from molds, lead melting equipment, hooks, skirt materails, paint etc..You can get as involved with making jigs as you want to or buy them. Russ Bassdozer offers both a quality product and web site with great articles on jig fishing.
My favorite pork trailer is Super Pork, however Robin is selling his business and I can only hope who ever takes it over will continue the same high quality processing. Pork trailers are a key factor when targeting big bass, if the trailer floats high and moves well in cold water. I prefer white pork trailers and trim, dye them as needed for whatever presentation. Bass tend to strike the trailer, so it is very important to have confidence with the one you choose. Vinyl, silicone, live rubber and soft plastic trailers all work well. Silicone offers you the most color combinations.
Everything aside, the most important factors to consider when selecting a jig type are;#1., The hook type, size and manufacturer. It is the hook that puts the bass in the boat! and you need the very best available, like Gamakatsu, Owner, Daiichi or Mustad Ultra. Forged, strong and extremely sharp hooks no matter what wire size the hook is made from or size of the hook. Do not waste your time or money on jigs with cheap hooks! #2 the jig head shape and weight. There are dozens of jig head shapes from the arkie head to the stand up heads, in weight from 1/125 oz to 1 1/2 oz for bass fishing. When fishing heavy cover the arkie head with a fiber weed guard is the most popular, weed cover use the grass bullet head, rocks a foothead is good and open flats with sand or gravel the stand up head is a good choice, jig and worm round or cone dart heads, many choices. The best all round jig may be the 1/2 oz arkie head w/ 3/0 hook, followed by the 1/2 football head w/3/0 hook, if you are just geeting started. Colors, now that another discussion, the basics are black, brown, green and purple. Jig trailres, that is definitely another topic.
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Jim, Tell about those old homeaid jigs of yours. We all already know your age ;D.
Tom i would like a copy of your article also my e mail is [email protected] Thanks Dave
dave0331_69 said:
Tom i would like a copy of your article also my e mail is [email protected]  Thanks  Dave
Sent it hore you can read it,let me know. Have a merry Christmas or hoildays and great year bass fishing.
Tom it didnt go through i think the line underneath my adress took away the _ so the adress is dave0331_69 at yahoo. Sorry Dave
dave0331_69 said:
Tom i would like a copy of your article also my e mail is [email protected]  Thanks  Dave
That is the Email address I used, will try again, sorry.
that was a great article thank you.
and merry x- mas
Thanks alot Tom im trying to expand my jigging skills, and thats an awesome article thanks again and Merry Christmas!!! Dave
From time to time I'll bring up some older posts for reading and enjoyment during the winter. There is a lot of knowledge stored here.
Rodney thanks for reposting I have been using jigs more and more to get deeper and stay in the strike zone longer than a CB does plus it is easier on the sholders. This winter I will be starting to make my own.
I read Toms article and it is awesome!!! It's a must if your a serious jig fisherman.

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i am going to say that a jig is probably the best fishing tool in your tackle box. there are just so many things you can do with a jig. it can be fished from top to bottom. it can be crawled across the bottom and whatever comes along during the retrieve. it can be hopped(jigged) across the bottom. it can be fished at mid-depths or on the surface. the depth range of a jig is unlimited. a jig can be made to look like a crawdad, shad, bluegill, and probably other things that do not come to mind. a jig will catch bass any time of the year. a jig can be fished with or without a skirt. i use a jighead most of the time to fish any type of plastic behind, including worms, lizards, crawdads, and grubs. i rarely use a texas rig. the lure next in line to the versatility of the jig would be a spinner bait. other baits that we fish such as crankbaits have limits to the ways in which they can be fished, and depth. want to catch more fish?? learn the full potential of the simple jig.

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