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I fished a semi-clear water reservoir a few days ago at the tail end of the spawn. My partner
was using a small blue plastic trailer that resembled a pork frog by Uncle Josh - you know, the chunk and triangular shaped tails - on a 1/4 oz jig. I used a larger 1/2 oz jig with a bright orange and green flake trailer, the skirt a mixed pumpkin and lime green. Both of us caught smallmouth and largemouth in the same areas near or on beds or downed tree limbs, totaling 38 keepers and 10 dinks (not unusual for this time of year).

The root beer and green flake colored trailer shown above also worked.

I realize that if I took a survey, basic black would probably come up as the color most used anywhere in the country for skirt and trailer. But since I've been using a bright colored skirt and trailer, I've been catching enough bass to know that color may not be as important as skirt/trailer combo action and that a trailer can be one of many designs. I won't go into what a bass thinks it represents because I don't know or care. All I know is that when active or semi-active bass are near, this lure is one of the best to provoke a strike. Even the size of the jig wasn't a concern since both of us either jigged the lure into beds or swam the jigs near wood or overhangs like you would a spinnerbait.

Think about it - a bass's brain is simplicity exemplified, and isn't that what we do - provoke fish into striking no different than a bull fighter provoking a bull into attacking a swaying cape draped over a sword? (and the bull can't even see color!)


(BTW, the trailer I designed shown below that looks like the Star Ship Enterprise, will be used frequently in the near future to prove that trailer design can be one of many. It has already caught bass in my man made pond rigged on the jig pictured.)
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