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Jig fishing tips

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Jig fishing is becoming more popular each year and with the Elite series at Amistad being won by a jig fisherman the lure will become more popular.
What most bass fisherman think of when the jig is mentioned is the flipping and pitching presentation, however casting a jig can be even more effective.
What type of jigs can you cast? Here are 10 examples.
1. Spider jigs
2. Football jigs
3. Dart head jigs
4. Shaky or round head jigs
5. Swimming jigs
6. Chatter bait style jigs
7. Under spin style jigs
8. Scrounger head jigs
9. Tail spinner jigs
10. Grass jigs
If you have a question about how to present one of the above or whatever else you may want to know about jigs, post it here and the answers will follow.
Ps; re: Casting Jigs; the lost art, General Discussion, 07 Jan 07
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Tom, I would like to know quit a bit about proper jig fishing as I am pretty limited with my knowledge on them. Basically I have fished them only sporadically and lately all I do with them is to flip them into heavy grass mats. That seems to work well out here. We don't have deep water nor do we have rocky bluffs or many points either :) We have grass and more grass.

But in general, I would like you to share what you know fishing with them. Some do's and don't's if you will. Common mistakes, and tricks you have learned on how to detect the bite, set the hook, etc.

For instance do you set the hook with a straight up hook set or to the side? If I where to guess I would say a straight up hookset only. That is what I do and it seems to work. I had a friend who was pitching alongside me a week ago in a small tourney and he lost several fish as I noticed he was setting the hook to the side and the jig was probably pulling right out of the mouth? Is that what you have found?

In deep water like in that Amistad tourney do you hop the lure up a foot at a time or just slowly drag it along the bottom and pause it every few feet? Which technique is best? Or is it a try both and see which one works best at that time? Also, what weight jig do you use and why? What dictates using a 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 3/4 ounce or 1 ounce and higher jig in deep water? I could say in grass use whatever is lightest that will still allow the bait to punch through the grass. Most of the time a 1/2 ounce works but sometimes I have to use a 1 ounce jig head. What colors do you suggest and why? What rod set up do you suggest when fishing jigs? Med Heavy? Do you like fast tip rods or soft tip rods?

Some of this might just be preference but you seem to do quite well with this type of fishing so it is why I ask.

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For flipping & pitching jigs I would suggest that you get Denny Bauer's Jig Secrets book. Denny had made a career pitching jigs into heavy cover.
I do not get the opportunity to fish heavy cover very often and use the heaviest jig with a bullet style head, Gamakatsu cross eye hook. Tru-Tungsten makes a good jig for this. The head needs to penetrate the weeds without grass hanging up on the line. Reaction Innovations Beavers work well for a trailer because they are streamline enough to follow the jig through the cover. Vertical jigging like this requires a 7 1/2 foot heavy, fast action rod so you can both pitch and hook set by snapping the rod upwards. The trick for me is to drop the tip slightly as you feel the tic and snap set against the lose line. This is the opposite hook set you do with the casting presentation, it's more like a Texas rig worm hook set. The 3/4 ounce tungsten head with 5/0 hook is a good all around jig for pitching and I prefer 65 lb superbraid for heavy cover.
The Amistad deep water presentation used a 3/4 oz football head, 25 to 35 feet deep on secondary ledges. The presentation was very similar to Horizontal Jigging article, except Remitz was using his rod to slide the jig a foot, then keeping the line over his index finger to feel strikes. When Remitz felt a bite he reel set and followed by a rod set. It's been my experience that you miss over 50% of the strikes by taking time to lower the rod to reel and rod set. If Remitz had kept his rod pointed at the jig instead of holding up ward and moved this jig with his reel, line over his finger, he would have felt more strikes sooner and caught more bass, As it was Remitz was the only angler targeting these fish and could afford to miss several strikes. He was lucky that so many big bass were staged on those ledges.
My jig is a 7/16 oz with 5/0 Gamakatsu hook and works well for me everywhere.
If the wind is blowing hard and I'm fishing over 25 feet deep, then I will go to a 5/8 or 3/4 oz football head. I use a 6 1/2' med/hvy fast action Lamiglas jig rod, 14 lb fluorocarbon Sunline for my horizontal casting jig presentation. To effectively use lighter weight jigs, 1/4 oz, you need 8 to 10 lb line or more patients then I have to get the jig down into water over 15' feet or more. If fishing spotted bass, then I use the 1/4 and spinning tackle with 8 lb fluorocarbon line, unless it's windy, then I use my 7/16 oz jig.
My favorite color is blk/purple/brown/red crystal flash strands or in the spring or for spots I like to add dark green. Trailer should be one of those colors predominately and I let the bass decide what color trailer they want. Everyone back east like blk/blue, out west you can only get bit on that combination at night, so it is a good poor light or off color water color.
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two ? 1st the scrounger i never heard of it.Waiting for an answer I will try to find a picture somewhere.
2nd this might sound stupid but how or where would you use a swimming jig.I have one never taken it out.

Big Daddy, Old School wrote a great article on casting jigs. You can find a, my opinion anyway, a slightly plagarized version of this in your latest Bassmaster. Good luck!!!!
joegoudeau said:
Big Daddy, Old School wrote a great article on casting jigs. You can find a, my opinion anyway, a slightly plagarized version of this in your latest Bassmaster. Good luck!!!!
BTW, it was Tom who was plagarized not Bassmaster. Wasn't sure if my meaning was clear.
you guys actually read the articles I thought it as just pictures,just kidding I will check it out
Feb. 07 issue. pg 61. Ithink they posted Tom's original that he did for In-fisherman. It was 92 or 94? Not sure about that but it's amazing how close they are.
A Xerox copy of the Horizontal Jigging article from In-Fisherman was posted here somewhere? I remember seeing it.
Jared was going to post the same original article, color pictures to read, but hasn't got to it yet, although he did manage to complete 3 of the 4 pages of the In-Fisherman Lake Isabella "A Rare Chance for a World Record Bass".
The Isabella article does have a picture of a spider jig that can be used as a swimming jig. We need to get Jared motivated to complete the magazine tasks! It would also be helpful to move all the "jig" related post to one category for easier searching.
Will answer the questions soon as I can. Anyone is welcome to join in the answering, this an open topic to all.
I have some sketches on how to make a scrounger jig and how to trim pork trailers etc.,to post.
I tried and lost a long drawn out post! What I said was this is what works for me. I fish the smallest jig I can get away with. If it don't feel like what you threw in there than its a bite ( Denny Brauer) I like to sweep the rod to the side with the round head jigs. I don't have a hook up problem. hope you can get some this out of this. Drew
Can someone post a link to Toms article??
I had a chance of a lifetime to talk to Denny Brauer at length during the Classic about using the jig. One of the things I asked him was "how do you find the patience to, in some cases, dead stick a jig?". His answer was, "you have to believe in your heart that a fish is sitting there looking at it. You have to have confidence in your abilities to pinpoint where a bass should be, and have the patience to give that fish every opportunity to take that jig".

Me personally, I don't have that kind of patience, but coming from the master of the jig I'd have to take what he said as gospel. Watching Remitz on Amistad, he is working that jig sooooo slowwwww it is almost painfull to watch, but his strike zone is so narrow he doesn't have a choice but to inch it accross that ledge. It says volumes about how critical boat control is.
Here is a question:

Some time of the year (late summer to early fall) I can catch a bass on almost every cast and then on the other parts of the year (winter to spring) I won't even get a bite. Right now is the time of the year that I am having trouble with. I fish the jig many different ways all year long. I have a variety of colors, shapes, styles, etc......

What am I doing wrong?
I'm gonna take a stab at it. I would guess your fishing location is wrong! no crap huh! Where are you fishing when your not getting bit in relation to the time of the year. Tom e-mailed me his cozmic time chart ask him for it he will do you the same. It is awsome at telling what the bass are doing at what time of the year. There is a post about the seasonal aspects of bass fishing that is full of great tips.

are these the styles that were talking about,The ones that resemble fish heads.
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imonembad said:
I'm gonna take a stab at it. I would guess your fishing location is wrong! no shit huh! Where are you fishing when your not getting bit in relation to the time of the year. Tom e-mailed me his cozmic time chart ask him for it he will do you the same. It is awsome at telling what the bass are doing at what time of the year. There is a post about the seasonal aspects of bass fishing that is full of great tips.

I would almost believe this myself however, I could turn around with a spinnerbait or creature bait and catch 1 or 2 in the same spot that I was throwing a jig.

I also thought that the jig was a year round bait? Is that not true??
bigdaddytowe said:

are these the styles that were talking about,The ones that resemble fish heads.
The Wiggle head is a knock off of the original Scrounger and was made by Lead Masters, Hesperia CA. Bill hasn't molded any since 1995, so the ClarkBait inventory may be the only available while they last. There was a lot of interest in this lure after the word got out about how I was catching bass and several tournaments were won by them before the original Castaic swimbaits came along. I sent Jared a sketch on how to modify this lure for big bass, however the Wiggle head has a larger hook than the Scrounger so you may not need to cut the hook off, just trim the tapered lead back to 3/16 behind the polyu collar. Also do not use a clip, tie directly onto the hook eye. It's seems to be important to bass that this bait has a tight wiggle like a Rapala and not wide wobble like a crank bait when retrieved, for unknown reasons. I use Lunker City Sluggo or Fin-S 6" soft plastics and Reaction innovation makes a 6" minnow that works well. This jig head is good at going through brush, trees ect, not to good for heavy weeds. Deep water, you cast this out and let it sink down to the depth or to the bottom, then crank it back at a steady pace up hill or parallel through the bass. When you feel a tap or bump start cranking faster, the bass will then case it down and eat it. Some strikes are just like a crank bait, either way reel set and then swing your rod. The collar should be upright.
Ps; this is the lure I caught the 18 bass over 10 lbs on in one day, the 1810 lure. I've only use the 1/2 & 3/4 oz sizes because of targeting big bass and the reason for modifying the hook so it sets back further to increase hook to strike ratio.
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Texas Bass Pro said:
Can someone post a link to Toms article??
Fish4FunInFl posted the Horizontal Jigging article back in Jan '07 in General think. just can't locate it. Jared was going to copy the magazine I sent him and hasn't got to it? I did find the "Cosmic Clock and Bass calender post around the same time and that comes up in the search "cosmic clock".
Texas Bass Pro,
Jigs can be a year round presentation depending on the style of jig you use. Did you read the prior "Jigs" and "Casting jigs" posts? Active bass will react to faster moving reaction lures like spinner baits, crank baits, jerk baits, buzzers etc., and not look at a jig or plastic worm that is sitting on the bottom. When fish are active use reaction baits, however there are times when the bass are neutral or less active and tend to suspend and at these times a swimming jig (spider with single/double tail grub), dart heads, scrounger jig, underspins and mattes (tail spins jigs) that mimic bait fish work well. The presentation is swimming these lures at the depth the bait are holding. When I find the Horizontal Jigging article, that should help to explain the casting jig presentation. Will get back to you.
Those Scrounger jig heads are pretty weird looking. Is that a diving bill or lip? Or does it help to make the jig rise as you retrieve it if it is on top? Sort of like a chatterbait I guess.
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