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JayPea's Trivia Question! (CONTEST)

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Jaypea has something come up so he asked me to give yall a trivia question for his contest. Sorry Im so late with it.

The question is: When Paul Elias first stuck his cranking rod into the water, handle deep, and began crankin, what technique did he develop?

JayPea will announce the winners later.

Email your answers to [email protected]
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It's 1:30am and all's well.

Fellow members I sincerely appologize for being absent from my own contest. I was 200 miles away from home in meetings with a rod manufacturer that started at 1:30pm, and didn't conclude until after 10pm. Got the deal done, but the guy wouldn't let me out of the office. He finally left for about 3 minutes and I jumped on his office computer and scrambled a note to Jared to please take care of the contest for me.

Again, my sincerest appologies.... now, c'mon people there are 2 more prize packs to GIVE AWAY! Geeeze guys it's free stuff!
Congrats to TampaCountryBoy, Imonembad and macbass! :clap: I'll get your prizes out to you as soon as I get everyone's MAILING address :lmao:

Thanks to everyone for playing!
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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