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JayPea's Trivia Question! (CONTEST)

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Jaypea has something come up so he asked me to give yall a trivia question for his contest. Sorry Im so late with it.

The question is: When Paul Elias first stuck his cranking rod into the water, handle deep, and began crankin, what technique did he develop?

JayPea will announce the winners later.

Email your answers to [email protected]
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Im sorry all lol Tampa has the first correct answer.. please email me with your answers. I believe JayPea is awarding the first 3 with the right answer... Tampa is #1.. who will be #2 and #3? Email your answers to [email protected]
you are dead on the money tampa! :) I wasnt sure if I should have asked what year and when.. but youd have gotten it right if I did! :thumbup01:
highrider26 said:
i did get to see the answere tho befor jared pulled it lol :lmao: :lmao: :rofl1: :baitmonkey:
I know.. I totally screwed that up! LOL

but I guess no one else saw it because no one has mailed me the answer yet. Tampa is only winner #1... 2 more people can win the prizes too if they just email me the correct answer to my email listed above. ;)
Congratulations Winners! TampaCountryBoy, Imonembad and macbass! :clap: Please PM JayPea with your shipping addresses :thumbup01:

The correct answer was "Kneelin N Reelin"

Which Paul used this during his classic victory in the 82 Bassmaster Classic on the Alabama River.
Congrats everyone! :clap:
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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