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JayPeas' contest winners...

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Your prizes were shipped Monday so keep an eye on your mail boxes!!! Enjoy the products and if you could, I would appreciate some reviews on how you did. Just a little info, my incredible day on Lake Tarpon yesterday was done so by using the same ******* frogs I shipped you. You'll notice the turbulence these little plastic amphibians put off!

Thanks to everyone who played and congrats again to those who won :dance01:
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How do you rig them? and how do you fish them? Drew
imonembad said:
How do you rig them? and how do you fish them? Drew
I left step by step instructions in "Front Porch" along with pics. I put it there so most people can find the info easily.

Joe recieved the package today thank you I am sure it will come in handy THANK YOU AGAIN
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