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James H. Floyd State Park - 04/05/2006

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Well, I have good news to report. The small males are FINALLY on their beds, waiting for the females to come up to spawn. I caught 1 bass on the upper lake, around the 4 rockpiles, and I caught 3 on the lower lake. I took pics of the first bass, but they only had his head in the pic. Taking pics while holding the camera and the bass is a trick! However, I did get pics of the lakes that I fish.

All the bass I caught were 11" long and 1 lb. in weight.

Upper Lake:

Lower Lake:

Can you spot the bed??

Summertime bass cove............tons of bass after the spawn:

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Nice looking place
Yea, it's gorgeous there. I only saw one snake today. LOL Almost stepped on it. About a 3 ft. water snake.

Rodney, in the pic, could you see the bass bed?
To be honest, No I cant. But my eyes arent the ' hawkeyes ' they once where.
I will take the pic and edit it and circle the bed. It has a bass on it, that I caught. LOL

I went back for about an hour this afternoon, and caught two more. Both of these were closer to 1.5 lbs.

Take a VERY close look at the inner most square. It's there. I promise. Can't wait to see what kind of female the little fellow attracts.
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That is one heck of a lake. I need to get up there to fish it. I didn't see the basses head. Did you post it or just leave it out? You could just walk out to the bed and just pick those bass out.
I deleted the pic, while on the lake, which had the fish's head in the pic. LOL

Yup, those beds are within walking ability. They aren't far from the cove, which houses the bass during the summer. In fact, they are on the left side of the left side of the pics of the cove. LOL There is a bench on that point, which is access to a lot of deep water, and those beds are about 15 yds. from the bench, walking back toward the left.

I walked to those beds, and it took like 20 casts to each bass to get them to fully take the lure. None of the "snag'um" horse crap that them boys in Cali. employ.

All of the beds are in 2 ft. of water.
Thanks for the box.. man I need to get my eyes checked lol
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