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It's That Time Of The Year !

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It has started!  The '07 fishin' catalogs are arriving and I'm just like a kid with the ole Sears Toy Catalog at Christmas!  Of course the bad news is the credit cards are maxed out from this years Christmas and, as in years past, won't be paid off until just in time for next Christmas :mad:  It is amazing that living in Russellville, with Lake Dardanelle right at hand, there aren't a lot of places to buy fishing tackle and one place in town is rather proud of their stuff and price it accordingly!!!  But it's here!!  Catalog time and Boat and Tackle show time and it get's the blood rushing :boing:  Has any one heard of any fantastic, can't live without, new stuff?  I have been savin my change in a big jar and I figure with it and a bank loan, I might be able to get some new stuff!! ;D ;D
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I haven't heard of anything yet but I'm sure they will be coming out with some kind of modified chatterbait or something along those lines. LOL
I been planning a trip to BPS ( Orlando ) I will wait till after my birthday though and see if I get any more BPS gift cards ( About 8 more days lol )
I wish my birthday was sooner.  I gotta wait till August.  I'll probably head to Springfield in a few more weeks unless my wife insists on Branson.  The lawsuit over the BPS in North Little Rock is finally over so if everything goes right, they may finally get one in Arkansas.  It has been a real tussel with some environmental folks concerned about the location being in a wetlands area.  I used to work in that area of North Little Rock and it appeared to be mostly an urban swamp with not too much wildlife except some misquitoes which were often mistaken for large birds.  I am excited to get a look at the Boat Shows comming up and see what new ideas they have.  The only problem is that I see all those fantastic new boats and then I look at my 1988 Bass Cat and sorta feel inferior. :-\ :mad:  Then I look at the financing of a new one and go "You want HOW much for HOW many years?" and I feel sooooo much better about my wonderful, almost new, semi used, boat.   ;D ;D
I know what you mean on prices. It is pretty ridiculas.( got my boat used and it is / was in dern good shape )

Even truck prices have gone through the roof as well. Reckon I will keep my 91 truck a year or two more lol. ( bought it new in 92 )
Haha, I just spent most of my money on a custom guitar! I buy fishing stuff when I need it. Keeps the bank account relatively safe :D
It's here!!! Its' this weekend!!! :boing: :boing: It is time for the boat and tackle show in Little Rock. It starts Friday and I plan to be there early Saturday. The bad news is my sweet, little wife has convinced me to leave the check book at home :wack: and I agreed. Also had to surrender the credit cards :(. But, being the wonderful wife that she is, she is letting me take enough cash for the admission and a few brews, so I think I'll be ok :cheers: Any way, with the onset of cold weather here, I am looking forward to keeping warm and being around all those boats and tackle booths. ;D ;D ;D
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