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IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Need I say more. May 16, 2007 another Goudeau will be on the face of this earth. They're already boarding up windows and houses are for sale.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm due to be a grandaddy again in May 2007, congrats fella
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Congrats to both of you!!!
CONGRATZ!!!!! :cheers:
Thats awesome!!! Congratulations!
:clap: :cheers: congrats, man!
Congratulations and good luck! :thumbup01:
Girls are SWEET. Congratulations. We are blessed with 2 year and one month old grandaughters, living a mile away, and daughter's washer & dryer went out. We hold em most every day.

You know Jim, I am actually looking forward to being a g-pa. My grandparents did more for me than anyone else in my family did. They never missed a football, baseball, basketball game or wrestling match when I was in high school. NOT ONE! I have four- Landon 12, Sadie 9, Zac 1 1/2 and the new one will be either Hailey or Payton. My point is that neither of my parents are a part of my kids life like my grandparents were. My wife's mom and dad are the same way. It takes an act of congress to get them to babysit or even come by to see the kids and they live 10 miles away. Sadie lives in Louisiana with her mom, which is 1 hour away from my mom, and I still see her way more than my mom does. Yours are lucky to have a g-pa that boasts that he gets to hold them almost everyday. I will be the grandparent that mine were to me. You're a good man Jim. Didn't need to read that post to think that but you definitely solidified my opinion. God bless you and yours!!

Congrats to the both of yall.
Congrats Joe, Now you all got me all teary eyed. I love you man. ;D
imonembad said:
Congrats Joe, Now you all got me all teary eyed. I love you man. ;D
Hey man, if I had a tissue I would give it to ya. Just use your sleeve like I do.
By the way, we decided on Payton Renee.
I liked Haley better, thats probably why I named my first born that. ;D :D :) ;)
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