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It's 5:21, Thursday morning!

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Good morning to all The Bassholes out there! I hope you all have a wonderful day. Fish harder than you work!
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Good morning to you as well :)
Good morning Mary, I wish I was fishing not working!
Shannon said:
Good morning Mary, I wish I was fishing not working!

Ain't that the truth!!!
Sorry I didnt to reply to this thread till now.. BUT... at 5:21 am this morning, I was still at work (going on my 11th hour of it actually) and DIEING To get home to get some sleep lol Will be the same tomorrow morning at 5:21am too lol
Maybe I need to send out a special "good nite don't let the bed bugs bite" in the morning.
That would work for me! lol
My schedule: 3AM-2AM. I get home all wired up from coffee to stay on the road patrolling parks without relocating trees. It takes until around 4AM to wind down to sleep, then get up around 10AM from neighborhood noises like birds, squirrels & dogs. Not for long, though. It's strill looking like March for retirement.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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