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It looked so good from the Launch

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Have you ever went to a lake, looked around from the truck and said, "wow, that has GOT to be a great lake"? I found a few guys that get together and have a tourny every other saturday, (no clubs in my new area) was very happy that this saturday they had picked a small 85 acre lake close to home that I fell in love with driving by. Its full of cypress trees, has grass, starting to come back from the winter kill, just an awesome looking lake, and it was dingy, my favorite fishing, I was in heaven yesterday morning, getting ready to put the puddle jumper in for my first tourny in this area and the year!! Thanks to my friends on here that help me get the tilt and trim back up and running!

Well, I pair up with a nice guy that I have never met, he knows the lake, but has REAL bad news, "this lake sucks" he says. I almost break my neck turning and looking at him, NO WAY, LOOK at this place I say, his only response was, and that's what it's good for, looks not fishing, we're only here because two of the guys are on call this weekend and have to stay close.

Oh, well, maybe sucky for this guy, but I can fish Cypress trees, I know I can, have been catching fish out of cypress for years. NOT!!

I want go into the boring details, but all day from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., I caught 7 fish, 1 3lb, and 6 a pound or less, beleive it or not, my 3 pounder got the big bass pot and I came in second with 2 legal fish tipping the scales over at 4.6 lbs. LOL One guy caught 14 non keeper fish,,,,,,,,,

It sure was pretty from the launch pad :(

Was wondering, how many of you out there have seen that perfect lake and later find out it's a bomb???

Oh yea, forgot to say at 1:00 I lost the water pump in the motor!

See Ya On The Water!!
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Hey you placed! And got big bass! You weren't the only one having a bad day... You did the best you could. Congrats!
Sorry about your water pump...
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